Alex Faber [email protected]

You make things happen

Let it be known.

Let your audience know of the value you have to offer with a professionally designed, validated, and built website.

I design from the ground up

What you have to offer differs from the rest.  Therefore you need a unique website that’s designed from the ground up to convey your value clearly

I validate assumptions

It’s one thing to assume a website is working; it’s another to know.   Assumptions left unverified can lead to trouble, so I support my designs with data.  How? Usability testing.  Each design I make is tested with your end-users’ goals, so we’ll know if a design is good. No assumptions necessary.

I build quality websites

Each website is coded from the ground up using solid components. Technicalities are boring, and, despite my Software Engineering background, know that I don't solve technical problems with technical solutions. I solve business problems with technical solutions

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